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Wall-E Movie Questions (and Answers!!)

I wanted to post the questions that I used to discuss the movie with the students.  They were not necessarily discussed in this order because the students really had a good handle on what the movie was symbolic of.  The final question was the final question here.  Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments about the movie and discussion especially about the final "surviving vs. living" question.

Wall-E Movie Questions

-What are the buildings in the first scene made of?

Buildings of trash…from BUY N LARGE

- How long has the Earth been like this? How do you know?

VERY long time. Other robots are gone, and all signs of LIFE

- What LIVING creature do we see???


- Axiom-what does that mean?

Something that your life revolves around.

- How do we know Wall-E is unique???

He keeps things, has a home, watches movie, sings the song, dances, wants to hold hands which is his symbol of love.

- What does Wall-E feed the cockroach?

Twinkie (that is 700 yrs old...YUCK!)

-What kin…

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