Wall-E Movie Questions (and Answers!!)

I wanted to post the questions that I used to discuss the movie with the students.  They were not necessarily discussed in this order because the students really had a good handle on what the movie was symbolic of.  The final question was the final question here.  Please feel free to add your thoughts and comments about the movie and discussion especially about the final "surviving vs. living" question.

Wall-E Movie Questions

-What are the buildings in the first scene made of?

Buildings of trash…from BUY N LARGE

- How long has the Earth been like this? How do you know?

VERY long time. Other robots are gone, and all signs of LIFE

- What LIVING creature do we see???


- Axiom-what does that mean?

Something that your life revolves around.

- How do we know Wall-E is unique???

He keeps things, has a home, watches movie, sings the song, dances, wants to hold hands which is his symbol of love.

- What does Wall-E feed the cockroach?

Twinkie (that is 700 yrs old...YUCK!)

-What kind of energy powers Wall-E? Why is that ironic?

Solar, bc they didn’t conserve energy until it was too late

-After Wall-E rolls over the cockroach he wants him to stay inside. Why?

He cares for him.

-Wall-E goes through the trash before he compacts it. Do you thing the other robots did that? Why does he do that?

No bc he is a unique robot

-Wall-E doesn’t know what a lot of the trash is such as the engagement ring and the bra. Why do you think the producers want us to know that?

So we know that Wall-E has LEARNED what some things mean and others he can't

-What is special about the green thing in the shoe that Wall-E takes home?

It is a plant and apparently the only living thing besides the cockroach on Earth.

-Why is Wall-E interested in EVE?

She is the only other robot

-How do we know that EVE is not all evil after she keeps blasting at Wall-E?

Cockroach tickles her and she laughs.

-What is EVE doing? What is her directive?

Looking for life

-EVE is also a unique robot bc she shows an emotion while searching and while interacting with the cockroach and later when first meeting Wall-E. What emotions are those?

Frustration and humor

-What does EVE have that makes her shut down and then so important when returned to the Axiom?

The plant

-What is wrong with the people on the ship?

Can’t walk and all are in wheelchair things, all are eating, shopping, chatting, PLUGGED IN!

-Who is teaching the children?

Robots with screens.

-Wall-E touches 2 people, John and Mary. They seem surprised about what is around them. Why?

They are always plugged in and don't see past their "screens".

-How long have they been on the Axiom?

700 years

-EVE stands for what?

Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator

-There is no way that people could lose bone density in that gravitational area. And a couple laps around the jogging track would not cure this either. What is the real reason for their size difference?

They are obese from living unhealthy lifestyles.

-Why can’t the captain tell at first what is in the Operation Manual?

He's is used to the computers reading to him.

-Why is the captain happy to return to the regular status?

It is what he and the rest have known for 700 years. Doing something new is scary.

-Why does Wall-E try to help EVE when she is being diagnosed?

He cares for her and thinks she is being hurt.

-What emotion(s) does that show?

Love and concern

-Where do EVE and Wall-E find the plant? What does this suggest?

In the escape pod bc the machines don’t want the plant found.

-Who else meets while Wall-E and Eve are “dancing”? Why haven’t they met before?

John and Mary bc they were too “plugged in”

-What is the captain asking the computer about and why?

The Earth bc he is curious.

-Why is the captain disappointed when he sees EVE's pictures of Earth currently?

Bc Earth is ruin still and not green with a blue sky as the computer portrayed it to be.

-What does the captain realize when he waters the plant?

They have to go back to fix the earth to take care of it.

-What does the word mutiny mean and why does the captain use it?

Mutiny means that workers that are disobedient to the captain. Auto and other bots have disobeyed their captain.

-Who saves EVE and Wall-E from being sucked out the air lock?


-How does Mo show emotion?

Frustration at the dirt and he cleans Wall-E while EVE is trying to fix him. He shakes hands with Wall-E.

-What is EVE’s directive?

To put the plant in the holo-detector on the Lido deck.

-How do we know that the “rogue” robots like Wall-E?

They sing “Put on Your Sunday Best” from the movie Wall-E watches.

-What motivates the Captain to walk?

Wall-E trying to keep the holo-detector open.

-What kind of a wheel is Auto and what does Auto in his name stand for?

He is a nautical wheel and Auto is short for Auto-Pilot.

-When Wall-E wakes up, why doesn’t he recognize EVE, or his “treasures”, or cockroach?

He has a new memory card.

-What helps Wall-E remember?

EVE sings “Put On Your Sunday Best” and holds his hand. Also EVE "zaps" Wall-E when she touches her forhead to Wall-E's eyes.

-When Wall-E messes with his eyes, what is that similar to as a human eye reaction?


-What does the captain want the passengers to know is their job?

To grow plants and help TAKE CARE of the planet Earth

-How do we know there is hope?

The plants growing on the side of the hill.

-Why does the director show the cartoons at the end of the movie during the credits?

So we know that they are successful.

-My favorite line is said by the captain. He states, “I don’t want to survive, I want to LIVE!” What is the difference between surviving and living? And which do you think God would want us to do and why?

Surviving is to stay alive by doing just what is necessary, but living is staying alive AND making a difference in life.

God would want us to live…IN HIM!! By doing His will, and using our talents for His glory.


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